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Scorpio Translation - online translation and correction services
Scorpio Translation - online translation and correction services
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The most competitive rates for competent service.
Our inexpensive translation prices!
Our inexpensive translation prices!
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If you send us a document whose contents are not to be disclosed, confidentiality is assured.
Online translation and correction service.

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Personal Information and the GDPR / 2016
What information is collected. If you contact us for a price quotation / enquiry, you send us the following information via the form: your title, your surname and first name, your company's name (if applicable), your e-mail address, information on how you heard about our services, your message and file for translation / correction. You can also get in touch with us via your e-mail software and send us this information in a direct e-mail. For French lessons or English pronunciation lessons, you also send us your Skype identifier and / or your phone number.

How we use your information. You agree to send us this information so that we can reply to your price quote request / enquiry, offer our services to you and start two-communication if required. A commercial relationship may ensue and your data will be used for processing your document (translation or correction); and / or providing the following non-exhaustive list of services: retranscription, pronunciation classes, French lessons; and for accountancy purposes. Following payment, you send us your postal address so that we can enter it onto your invoice / receipt.

Non-personal information. When you surf the website, anonymous data regarding your browsing on the Internet, for example, your browser, operating system, date and time, referring site and pages which you visit will be automatically collected by the server for statistical purposes.

Information which is Shared. We will never sell your data to third parties. We may be required to divulge your personal data if we are obliged to do so. As part of managing a sole trader business (micro-entreprise), invoices and / or payment receipts indicating your contact details may be requested by the authorities, other organisations and private agencies mandated to carry out a public service function. The information and documents you send us will be used to reply to you or process your document or enquiry by the people who process your document or enquiry.

Transfer of Files / Data onto Servers outside the UK and EU. Aside from computers used locally to save and process your data, sometimes we are required to transfer data to servers outside the UK and EU area for archiving and backup purposes of your files and information during and after translation, etc. (for example, Yahoo in the United States). This is necessary to protect work from computer breakdowns which may cause data loss. When you send us your data and files, you consent to this transfer.

Given the very nature of the Internet, it is important to note that backup systems and transmission of data over the Internet can never be 100% reliable, safe or secure.

Data retention. For as long as you remain a customer, obviously, we retain your data in order to maintain efficient working relationship with you - sometimes we require to refer to your previous e-mails about translation / correction / retranscription assignments which have already been carried out in order to remind ourselves of your preferences / terminology / your business segment, etc. This is with the aim of offering you the best service possible. We do our utmost to archive our translated files in order to retain a catalogue of our translations. This comes in handy if a customer loses his file as he can ask for a copy.

Your Rights. You have a right to access the personal data we hold about you. Amongst other rights, in particular, you may ask for a copy of the data which we have on record or request rectification or deletion. You may exercise the rights recognised by statutory provisions in force.
There may be legal reasons why we have to retain your data and we will let you know these reasons should you decide to exercise one of your rights.You may withdraw your consent to our using your personal data. If you withdraw your consent, note that we will no longer be able provide you with our services, unless you give us your consent again.
Our e-mail contact address regarding the point above, is: Contact

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Obtain your free translation quote!

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Info, your options and our payment terms
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